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 I help you find your ideal job.

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My book

I compiled the most common questions people have been asking me for years and created a guide to help you find the job that you want. 


The six chapters together are a project you have to work on and "deliver". So in each chapter, you will be invited to roll up your

sleeves and get down to work. 

  • Start by practicing the human skills of self-reflection and empathy while you navigate the sea of emotions both candidates and interviewers/recruiters feel in each step of the process. 

  • Continue by finding your "why", the core reason you are in search

  • of a job or of advancing your career. 

  • Follow by creating a user story for yourself, so you give yourself a very concrete task to do in each step of the process. 

  • Dive deep into my advice and write your deliverables: you need these before starting each new chapter.


When you finish reading The Six-Step Cycle, you will know exactly what six steps you need to take to get the job you want,

and you will remember them for years to come, every time you

want to look for a job.

Santi helped me to refine my value proposition and to identify my non-negotiables as I prepared to pursue my ideal job as a Software Engineer in Spain. Thanks to Santi's professional skills as a career mentor and expertise in the IT recruitment field, I achieved my desired outcome even earlier than expected.

Diego Evangelisti 

Frontend Developer

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About me

Hello and welcome! I’m Santi López Guiñazú.

 I invite you to be in total control of your career, staying one step ahead in a constantly evolving world of work. With my unique approach based on my experience, I guide you on becoming an intrapreneur, a future-ready professional who creates opportunities and overcomes challenges confidently. With a track record of helping over 2000 people achieve their career goals, I am committed to continuing to be a catalyst for the success of others in their careers.


I have an innate passion for connecting people and leveraging talents. My favorite thing to do is build 1-to-1 relationships and help others reach their full potential. What drives me every day is my ability to uncover latent talent in others and guide them in "connecting the dots" to highlight and communicate their value.


My career was forged in Argentina. However, my path took a turn when I emigrated to New Zealand. Eventually, I decided to found my startup, Pitcheers, which persevered even during the pandemic, propelling me to expand my horizons to Houston, Texas, in the United States.

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